Sterling Art Services


A Framing Exercise Inspired by Liza Dalby

The framing of this lovely mid-century US Coast Guard photograph is the result of an exercise inspired by conversations about conventions in art presentation that we have had with Liza Dalby–with a focus on the differences between Asian and Western approaches. Frequently we visually center matted images to optically center them within a frame, which… read more

Framing Artworks on Paper: 2-D or Not 2-D

by Chris Barnett Framers develop an acute awareness about both the pictorial importance of papers, and how they encompass myriad structural and material qualities.  The permutations in paper manufacturing processes are vast, yielding diverse materials such as long-fibered and strong yet lightweight Japanese papers;  sturdy watercolor and printing papers; pulpy handmade papers, finely milled digital printing… read more