Sterling Art Services


At Sterling, we partner with a variety of outside services to complement our own, and some of our trusted colleagues are listed below.  We frequently coordinate outside services for art handling, reprographics, and conservation on behalf of our customers, but also encourage direct inquiries with any of the parties listed below.  Additionally, at the bottom of this list, please find several links to sites offering a wide range of information relative to the care and preservation of art, artifacts, and objects.

Conservation of Objects

Tracy Power

(415) 824-8762

Conservation of Textiles

Joyce Hulbert Textile Restoration and Design

(510) 318-1946

Museum-based Conservators

While our museum-based colleagues are not generally available for contract work, they are nonetheless invaluable resources for conservation insight, advice, and technical help in the areas of their expertise, so we include some of those contacts here:

Debra Evans

Paper, (Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco) paperSan Francisco, CA 94102

Theresa Andrews

(SFMOMA) photographs

Paula De Cristafaro

(SFMOMA) paintings

Michelle Barger

(SFMOMA) objects


Artist Services, Digitization, Printing, Reprographics

Electric Works

(415) 626-5496

Dickerman Prints

(415) 252-1300

General Graphics

(510) 749-1274

Hank’s Photographic

New York
(914) 662-2201

Greenberg Editions

New York
(212) 239-8900


General Graphics

Stick Pony


Fordham & Associates

(415) 595-0251

Some Helpful Art Preservation Links

American Institute of Conservation’s “Caring for your Treasures” page

Northeast Document Conservation Center’s informational leaflets

The Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts’ Resources for Preventative Conservation

Art Handling, Crating, Installation, Storage

Connect Art International

(415) 824-2422

Norton Fine Art Handling

(510) 595-9901

ShipArt International

(650) 952-0100

Koch Fine Art

(415) 794-7305

Jerome Szymczak

(510) 364-3755

Farber Art Services

(415 )261-7558

Lawrence Fine Arts

(650) 624-9882

Atthowe Fine Art Services

(510) 654-6816

Paper Conservation

Karen Zukor

(510) 652-7915

Anita Noennig

Anita Noennig Paper Conservation

Antoinette Dwan


Heida Shoemaker

(510) 644-3852

van der Hoorn Art and Archival Conservation

(415) 870-6110

Paintings Conservation

Pauline Mohr

(510) 333-7316

Jim Bernstein

(415) 215-1658

Ria German Carter

(415) 753-8540

Conservation of Photographs

The Better Image

 Timothy Vitale

Martin Salazar

Gawain Weaver

(415) 446-9138